Customising the Quick Settings Menu in Windows 11

The Quick Settings menu in Windows 11, which you open by clicking the network and sound icons in the System Tray to the right side of the desktop Taskbar, is a great way to quickly access useful features on your PC, such as Focus Assist (which will silence notifications when you’re working) or the Night Light (which removes blue light from your display to help you get to sleep more easily).

There are other features you can add to Quick Settings though, and any of the settings you see there can also be removed.  To achieve this, with Quick Settings open, click the pen (edit) icon in the bottom right corner of the panel.

You will now see that each of the icons in Quick Assist have an Unpin icon in their top right corner.  You can click any of these to unpin icons from Quick Settings.  Additionally, at the bottom of the panel is a + Add button.  If you click this, additional settings will appear that you can click to add them to the Quick Settings panel.

You can also rearrange the icons in Quick Settings by clicking and dragging them with your mouse.  This allows you to prioritise the settings you need the most by bringing them to the top of the panel.

When you are happy that the Quick Settings panel is configured how you need it, click the Done button to save your choices.

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