Find and Secure Your Lost Android Mobile Device

If you use an Android smartphone or mobile device as part of your personal or professional life, losing it or just not being able to find it can be frustrating.  Fortunately if it is lost or stolen, then it’s simple to find it, and if necessary, lock it or erase it completely.  You need to set this up in advance though and to do so you should download the Find my Device app from the Google Play Store.  You will also need to ensure location services are activated in your Android device’s settings. With this installed, you can use it to check the location of all your Google Android updates on which the device is installed, which can be useful if you carry more than one of them with you and one is lost when out and about. If this is your only Android device however, or if another Android device isn’t easily to hand, you can manage your device in a web browser.  Visit and you will see a large Find your phone option. You will be presented with a list of all the Android and Chrome devices attached to your account, click the relevant one. You now have several choices.  These include being able to lock your device, calling it which will make it ring (useful if it’s in your house somewhere), signing out of your Google account on the device, contacting your cellular operator if you need to report it stolen, or erasing the device completely. There’s also a Locate button that displays a helpful map showing you the most recent location at which your device was last connected to the Internet. It’s very simple and straightforward to locate your Android device, ring it if you’ve lost it, or secure or erase it if it’s stolen, and setting this feature up can help considerably with peace of mind and the security of your personal files and data.

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