Fix Common PC Problems with the Windows 10 Troubleshooters

When something goes wrong on your PC it can seem a really difficult, complicated, and technical problem to deal with, and you might throw your arms in the air, call a friend, or even stop whatever it was you really needed to be doing.  With some problems it’s possible for Windows to fix the problem itself, and you might be surprised how often this works.

Windows comes with a wide selection of automated Troubleshooters that you can access in Settings by navigating to Update & Security and Troubleshoot.  You will see a list of different category areas such as Internet connections, Playing Audio and even the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Clicking or tapping a category will prompt you to Run the troubleshooter.  This will display a wizard where the questions you’re asked will vary depending on what it is you’re trying to repair.  What the troubleshooters do is restore windows components and services to their default (factory) state, which is usually where they’ll work fine.  The automated Troubleshooters won’t fix every problem on your PC, but they can fix many more than you might believe.

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