Managing Flight Mode and Travel Data in Windows 10

This is where Windows 10’s Flight Mode feature comes in useful.  You can access Flight Mode in two ways.  In the Settings app open Network & Internet and you will see Flight Mode listed in the left panel.  Selecting this presents a simple on/off switch for the Flight Mode feature, which will disable all radio communication (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) from your device. An easier way is to activate Flight Mode is from the Quick Actions button in the Action Centre.  You open the action centre by clicking the speech bubble icon to the very right of the desktop Taskbar.  Just click the Flight Mode button there on your laptop or tablet to toggle the feature on or off. If you do not see a Flight Mode button you can activate it in the Settings app.

Open System and then Notifications and Actions.  You will see a graphical representation of the Quick Actions panel, and you can drag and drop icons in this to arrange them how you want.  You can activate the Flight Mode button by clicking the Add or remove quick actions link, and then turning on the switch for Flight Mode.