Providing Troubleshooting Support for Windows Users

It can be challenging troubleshooting problems with Windows, so knowing how to translate this into support for end users can be essential. This course teaches you to work with PC users to diagnose and troubleshoot problems on Microsoft Windows.

It’s not always possible to get the information you need about troubleshooting a problem with Windows. You’ll sometimes need the end user to help you diagnose the problem, and you’ll certainly want them to learn how to avoid the problem recurring. In this course, Providing Troubleshooting Support for Windows Users, you’ll learn about all of the approaches that help users with Windows troubleshooting problems. First, you’ll explore specifically how to work with any kind of PC user. Next, you’ll discover how to diagnose and repair problems that both you and the user can and cannot see yourself. Finally, you’ll dive into what tools and utilities you can use to provide support both locally and remotely. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to work with any PC user to troubleshoot and repair problems in Microsoft Windows.

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