Quickly Secure Your Windows 11 PC’s Desktop

Sometimes you need to lock your screen or minimize all your open windows.  This could be because you are using your laptop in a public location, at a coffee shop or on a train, and someone walks past as you are working on something sensitive, or perhaps because you’re doing something like playing a game or online shopping and your boss walks past.

Either way, there are two ways to achieve this in Windows 11.  The first is to click the Show Desktop button.  This sits all the way in the bottom right corner of the desktop, on the very right side of the Taskbar.  Click this and all your open windows will be instantly minimised.  You can also activate Show Desktop by pressing the Windows key + D.

The other is to lock your desktop, and this is most quickly and easily achieved by pressing the Windows key + L.  This can be very useful when you’re going on a break or going to lunch, as your desktop won’t be unlocked again until you return and sign back in.

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