Quickly Switch Between Running Apps in Windows 11

If you have several, or even a lot of apps and web browser pages open on your PC it can sometimes be difficult finding the one you need to use.  Windows 11 comes with two ways to make this easy for you.  From the desktop, click the Task View button, which is to the right of the Search button on the Taskbar and is represented by two overlapping squares.

This will change the display to show thumbnail images of all your running apps and web browser pages.  You can click on a specific thumbnail to switch directly to that app or web page.  You can also open the Task View by pressing Windows Key + Tab.

TIP: The Task View is great for people with shaky hands or motor problems, who find it difficult to press two or more keys at one time on their PC.

The other way from the Desktop is to press Alt + Tab on your keyboard.  This will display thumbnails of all your open apps and web pages, and you can continue to press Alt + Tab to move between them.  Release the keys when you are on the app or web page you want to switch to.

Windows 11 makes it really easy to switch between these running apps which can help keep you productive and find the open apps and web pages you need, quickly.

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