See What Causes PC Problems with the Reliability Monitor

When problems occur with your PC it can seem an incredibly technical and difficult task to figure out what happened, and how you can fix it or prevent it happening again.  With Windows though it’s actually quite easy to see how reliable your PC is, and what went wrong with it.

In the Start Menu, search for reliability history and run the View reliability history option when it appears. This displays the reliability of your PC as a graph over a period of days or weeks (you can switch between these two views with the View by option).

When something happens, such as an app or driver crash it appears in the Reliability history as either information (a blue circle), a warning (yellow triangle) or critical error (red circle).  You can click any item to view details of what happened on that day to cause the problem.

Next to the problem details you will see a View technical details link.  If you click this further information will be displayed.  This may include a Microsoft error code (always seen in the format 0X…) that you can search for online to find a solution.  Additionally though this extra information can be copied and pasted into an email, or instant message that you can send to a support person for further help.

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