Sync your Windows 10 Settings Between Different PCs

If you use more than one Windows PC, laptop, or tablet with wither a Microsoft Account or an Azure AD or Office 365 account, they can automatically synchronise settings such as your personalisation and desktop wallpaper choices, Internet favourites and passwords (in the Microsoft Edge browser), accessibility preferences, and other options such as language preferences. If this synchronisation isn’t already configured on your devices it’s extremely easy to activate.  Just open Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings and you will see switches to control overall synching, and then that individual items you want synched between your Windows 10 PCs. This setting also applies to new PCs, or PCs on which you set up a an account temporarily, such as when you’re visiting a friend and using their PC.  You’ll find that when you sign into that PC for the first time all your settings will automatically appear on the new PC.

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