Using the Snip & Sketch Tool in Windows

The Snip & Sketch tool in Windows is a pen and ink-friendly way to annotate screenshots.  You can find it in the Start Menu, or take a screenshot and have Snip & Sketch open automatically by pressing the Windows key + Shift + S.

With Snip & Sketch open, you will see a toolbar along the top of the screen.  You can take a new screenshot, and there to take it immediately, or delay it by 3 or 10 seconds.  There are also buttons for opening a picture, saving it, sharing and more.

At the centre of the toolbar are the annotation tools.  Here you can choose from a selection of pens, and pencils.  A highlighter option is available, as it a rubber, and a ruler that works extremely well with your hand on a touch screen.

If you find yourself needing to take and annotate screenshots, perhaps to demonstrate or highlight something from a web page, then the Snip & Sketch tool is very useful, and very flexible indeed.

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