Access Special Characters Easily in Windows 10

It can be quite often on a PC when you need access to special characters such as foreign currency symbols, specialist mathematical characters, or common foreign language characters.  Traditionally in Windows you’ve had to open the Character Map app, find the right character, and in the correct font, and then copy and paste it into your document.

Windows 10 makes it much simpler to add special characters to your documents though, and this is done through the unlikely method of using the Emoji panel.  From anywhere in Windows, and from within any program or app, press the Windows key + . (full stop) and the emoji panel will open.

If you click on the special character (Omega) symbol at the top of the Emoji panel special characters will be displayed, and you can scroll down the list to find the character you need.  Additionally, at the bottom of the panel are a series of categories with the current category underlined.

These categories include mathematics symbols, latin symbols, currency symbols and more.  Click one of these category icons to reveal more characters from which you can choose.  When you have found the symbol you want, all you need to do is click it, and it will instantly be inserted into your document.

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