Configure Pen & Ink Settings in Windows 10

If you use a pen with your Windows 10 PC, then you might find the settings you can use to control that pen very useful.  You can find them in Settings under Devices and Pen & Windows Ink.  Here you can tell Windows if you are right or left-handed, and choose options such as hiding the cursor when you are writing and drawing on screen, and letting you use your pen as a mouse.

Further down the page is an option to choose when the handwriting input box opens on your screen, and you can help Windows learn your own handwriting if it’s having difficulty.

If your pen has additional controls on it, such as the Microsoft Surface Pen, then these are also configurable in the Pen & Windows Ink settings.

It’s worth spending a few minutes configuring pen input on your PC, so that you can get the very best from it.

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