Don’t Reinstall… Reset! in Windows 10

Sometimes everything goes badly wrong and, no matter what you try to do to repair a problem in Windows, the only solution is to reinstall the OS.  But Microsoft have announced that System Image Backup, the full disc image backup feature that’s been included since Windows 7, is being deprecated and in the next two or three years will be removed from Windows 10 altogether.  You might not need to resort to a third-party solution such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis TrueImage however, as things are not as bleak as they might appear. Sitting in the Settings > Update & Security > Recovery is the Reset this PC option.  It’s a clean install without actually being a clean install.  If you choose this option then you’ll have to reinstall all your software, both reinstalling your win32 desktop programs, and your store apps, but all your user accounts and settings will be preserved. Additionally, Windows Reset uses a backup image that includes every Windows Update that was delivered up to 30 days ago, so unless there’s just been a major feature update released you’ll also have a PC that’s up to date on stability and security. The full System Image Backup system might still be best for some people, but if you use predominantly Store apps, or win32 desktop apps that are delivered through the Microsoft Store, Resetting your PC can be a very good alternative to a full PC reinstall.

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