Install Apps to a Different Disk or SD Card in Windows 10

If you have a PC with only limited storage, you can find that you keep running out of space when trying to install a new app.  This can be frustrating because often something else will need to be uninstalled or deleted.  Windows 10 includes a feature however that allows you to install apps onto other disks or partitions on the PC, which includes any removable SD Card you have installed in your PC. Open Settings and search for Storage.  When Storage Settings appears in the search results, click it and on the page that appears, click the Change where new content is saved link. This opens a page where you can choose where all types of new content are saved automatically on your PC.  This includes documents, photos, and video, but it is also where there is a dropdown allowing you to select where new apps save to. Remember that if you are installing apps to an SD Card, or saving documents to a removable card, then the card will need to stay plugged-in to your PC in order for those apps and files to be accessible.  It is also possible that if you unplug the card at any time these settings will be rest, so you should check back when your SD Card has been resinserted.

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