Introducing the Microsoft Edge Web Browser in Windows 10

There’s a new Edge in town, and if you’ll excuse the pun, it definitely has the Edge over other browsers such as Google Chrome.  Edge is a privacy-focused web browser that allows you to browse the Internet safe in the knowledge that your personal data and browsing history isn’t being harvested by large companies and advertisers, or sold on to third-parties.  In fact Microsoft never collect or sell your personal data to anybody, nor do they use it themselves unless you explicitly give them permission to do so.

Edge is built on the same browser engine that powers Google Chrome, so it’s fast, and every bit as compatible as Chrome, which also supporting a huge range of browser plug-ins.  Edge is also available for download for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, any Windows 7 machines in the enterprise that are still receiving support, and even for Apple’s OS X.  You can also download and use Edge on your Android and iOS devices, and all versions include full synchronisation of your favourites, saved passwords, and preferences.

Microsoft have also worked hard to make Edge easy to use and highly configurable.  If you’ve been using Google Chrome then you’ll be instantly familiar with the way Edge works.  You will be able download Microsoft’s new Edge browser now from this link.