Limit the Bandwidth an App Can Use with NetLimiter in Windows 10

Okay so there’s a story behind this article.  A few months ago I moved from my house in the UK, to the South of France.  This has afforded me a wonderfully peaceful lifestyle in the countryside, but has come with the downside of a very slow Internet connection.  Sadly there are a few apps the people need to run that when they’re updating themselves completely hog as much bandwidth as they can, and in my case this has proven to be Adobe Creative Cloud.

When this app updates it consumes all of my Internet bandwidth so I cannot get anything else done online.  Obviously a solution to this problem had to be found, and this came in the form of NetLimiter.

NetLimiter shows you how much bandwidth (downwards and upwards) the apps, programs, and services on your PC are consuming, and allows you to set restrictions on the maximum they can utilise.  In my case, Adobe Creative Cloud was consuming all of my limited 250 KB/s (2.5Mb ADSL) download bandwidth.

Limiting the Creative Cloud Set-Up app to a more reasonable 50 KB/s, which is 20% of my total available bandwidth means it could still perform its job, albeit more slowly, while I would still have ample bandwidth for everything else I need to do.

Additionally you can set a schedule for the limits to work within, so I have set mine to only limit Adobe Creative Cloud between 7am and 2am the following morning.  This means that if I leave my PCs on at night, Creative Cloud will be able to consume as much bandwidth as it wants to use outside of those hours.

NetLimiter is not a free app, but it is very reasonably priced, and there’s no subscription where you’d need to keep paying every year.  If you are on limited bandwidth and/or have a very poorly written piece of software on your PC, or something else you’d like to limit bandwidth usage for then NetLimiter is a great choice.  You can download it and find out more about it HERE.

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