Manage Start-Up Apps in Windows 11

When you start your PC it’s not uncommon to find that some apps load automatically and start running in the background.  The thing is that you might not want some of these apps to run, and on slower PCs and laptops, startup apps could even slow your PC.

Fortunately, Windows 11 makes it really easy to disable apps that run automatically at the PC’s startup.  Open Settings and then click Apps in the left panel, and then Startup on the right.

This will display a list of all the apps that run when the PC starts.  To their right is information about how much they slow the PC, with “High impact” apps slowing your PC the most.  To prevent an app from running at startup all you have to do is click the switch next to the appropriate app.

If you later decide that you do want an app starting with your PC, or if you disable something you later realise you didn’t want to, it’s easy to re-enable them the same way.  This helps keep your desktop experience lean and quick.

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