Quickly Secure your PC’s Desktop in Windows 10

We all work on sensitive and private documents and websites at times, and doing this in privacy when people can be walking around you can be a difficult thing.  Fortunately there are some quick and easy ways to secure your desktop to prevent other people from seeing what it is you’re working on. The first of these is the hide / show desktop feature.  This resides as a “hidden” button on the very right of the Windows desktop Taskbar.  You will see it as a think vertical panel in the very bottom right corner of your screen.  You can click this to hide all the windows on your desktop, and click it again to restore the windows and apps you had previously hidden.  You can also achieve this with the keyboard shortcut Windows key + M (minimise all apps) and Windows key + Shift + M (restore hidden apps). You can also quickly lock your PC by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows key + L.  This can also be great when you’re leaving your PC for a break or for lunch, but don’t want to switch it off.  It performs the same action as clicking your avatar in the Start Menu and selecting Lock but is much quicker.  You will need to enter your PIN or password to unlock the PC again.

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