Recover Forgotten Internet Usernames and Passwords in Edge in Windows 11

Sometimes you just can’t remember what your username or password is for a specific website, but Microsoft’s Edge web browser in Windows 11 can help with this.  Open Settings in Edge by clicking the three dots icon near the top right corner of the window, and in the Profiles settings you’ll see an option labelled Passwords.

Clicking this will present an option for Edge to save passwords for you.  This helps you recover forgotten passwords, but also means Edge can automatically fill in passwords for you on websites.

When passwords are being saved, scrolling down this page will reveal the lost of all your saved passwords, along with their associated usernames.  To reveal a password you can click the eye icon to its right, and you will be asked to enter your main Windows password, PIN, or use Windows Hello just to authenticate it’s really you.

Each password has a three dots icon to its right and you can click this to get further options, such as updating the password if Edge has the wrong one saved, copy the password so you can paste it elsewhere, or delete the password.

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