Repair and Reset Store Apps in Windows 10

Sometimes Store apps in Windows can malfunction, become corrupt, and in some cases simply not allow you to perform a function you want to such as removing or changing an important setting.  It’s easy in Windows though to repair or even completely reset an app back to its default state.

To repair and app, search for it in the Start Menu and then right click on it’s icon.  This will display a context menu in which you should click App settings.  This opens a window which displays information about the app such as its permissions.  Scroll down the page however and options to Terminate the app (if it’s crashed or misbehaving), Repair the app (not available for all apps), and Reset it will be available.

The process of Repairing or Resetting an app is quick and only requires a quick click (and a confirmation click).  It’s important to note though that completely resetting an app will delete any settings or data you have in it, so if the app has a mechanism to back up your settings, such as Favourites in Edge, then you should do this before completely resetting the app.

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