Looking Back: The Windows 7 Power Users Guide

As Windows 7 finally ends all support I looked back at the book that started it all, my self-published Windows 7 Power Users Guide.  I had previously written a 68 page Power Users Guide for Windows Vista which the new media editor at Windows Vista: The Official Magazine in the UK described as “A really in-depth guide that everybody should at least have a look at”.  This spurred me to try and get a book deal, but I’d not yet proven myself.

The result was the Windows 7 Power Users Guide.  This 174 page book was written, edited, and designed entirely by myself.  It did the trick, as a couple of months after I released it an email arrived from Microsoft Press offering me the chance to write Troubleshooting Windows 7.

I am still very proud of the Windows 7 Power Users Guide.  It was a labour of love for three months back in 2011.  You can still purchase this book in paperback, and also download it for free online.