Use Secure Isolated Web Browsing in Windows 10

Security is ever more important on our PCs, and Windows includes a feature called Application Guard that can make web browsing much more secure.  You can access this by opening Windows Security either by searching for it in the Start Menu, or by clicking the Shield icon in the System Tray on the Taskbar. With Windows Security open, click the App and browser control section and you will see an Isolated browsing option.  To activate this you might be prompted to Install Windows Defender Application Guard.  Clicking this link will open a panel in which you can scroll to select and install this Windows feature. Once Windows Defender Application Guard is Activate you can configure it.  It is set by default to open the Edge web browser in a virtualised, isolated environment.  This makes it significantly harder for malware on a website to infect your PC, or for hackers to attack your PC through the browser.   This isolation can limit some browser functionality though, so it contains options that allow you to switch on features such as copy and paste, printing and the saving of files and data to your PC. Overall, Application Guard is a great way to help protect your PC from malware and attack, and it’s very useful to have activated on your PC.

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