Using Quick Settings in Windows 11

Windows 11 includes a Quick Settings panel that allows you to access commonly used features and settings with just a couple of clicks.  You can access it by clicking the Network and Volume icons on the right side of the desktop Taskbar.  This displays the Quick Settings panel.

Quick Settings includes quick button links to the sorts of thingd you need to do on your PC, such as connect to Wi-Fi networks, turn on the Night Light (which reduces blue light to help you relax in the evenings) and activate Flight Mode on your laptop.

You will also see a volume slider, making it easy to set the speaker or headphone volume for your PC, laptop, or tablet.  At the bottom of the Quick Settings panel is a Pen icon, you can click this to add or remove buttons from quick settings.  Other buttons you can add include setting up a cellular hotspot to share your cellular data with another PC or smartphone, and to project or cast your screen to a nearby TV or projector.

You can also remove icons from Quick Settings by clicking their unpin icon which appears in each icon’s top right corner.  When you are finished, click the Done button to save your changes.  You can then use quick settings whenever you need, to perform the tasks you need to access most often.