Using the Clipboard History in Windows 11

If you do a lot of work on your PC then you’ll probably be aware of the three most-used keyboard shortcuts, that have been around since the earliest days of Windows, Ctrl + X (Cut), Ctrl + C (Copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste).  While this will enable you to work with the last thing you copied, Windows 11 also includes a Clipboard History that lets you look back at text, pictures and more that you have copied into the past.

You need to turn this feature on, and you can find it in Settings under System and Clipboard.  There are two options here, to turn on Clipboard history and to Sync [clipboard history] across your [Windows 11] devices.

Once activated, Clipboard history will start keeping record of what you copy.  There are two ways to access this history when you need it.  The first is to press the Windows key + V which opens the full clipboard history panel.  You can scroll down the list and click the item you want to paste.

To the right of each item are two icons.  The Pin icon allows you to pin an item you want to paste a lot into the clipboard on a permanent basis, and you can unpin it later when you are finished.  The three dots menu icon opens additional options, including a paste as text option (perhaps most commonly used to paste the link to an image rather than the image itself) and a Delete option.

The other way to access the Clipboard History is through the emoji panel which you can access by pressing the Windows key + period / full stop [.].  You can read more about the emoji panel on this link.

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