Windows Installation, Updating, and Recovery Troubleshooting in Windows 10

My 14th Pluralsight course, Windows Installation, Updating, and Recovery troubleshooting is now available to watch.

A PC is not a PC without a working operating system on board, and productivity doesn’t exist unless this happens smoothly, efficiently, and with a result that’s stable, resilient, and reliable.  In this course, which covers Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, we examine Windows installation, updating, and recovery from beginning to end including different ways to install Windows, with their pros and cons, how to back up the operating system and restore it in the event of a disaster, how to control and troubleshoot Windows Update, and how to troubleshoot and repair problems with the Windows boot partitions.

Some of the major topics that I cover include:

  1. How to manage the installation, updating and identification of device drivers
  2. How to hide and defer Windows Updates and Feature packs
  3. How and when to use Safe Mode and Diagnostic Mode to solve problems

You can view this course at the Pluralsight website.