Books and Video Courses

Last Updated: December 2021

Mike is the author of 23 books and 16 video courses on Microsoft Windows and other technology subjects.  These vary from beginner guides, such as his Windows 11 Made Easy and Beginning Windows 10 titles, to specialist titles like The Green IT Guide and The Windows 10 Accessibility Handbook, the only book of its type ever published.

He specialises in Windows and PC Troubleshooting, and in addition to his Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10  and Windows 11 Troubleshooting books, is also the Series Editor for Apress’ short Windows Troubleshooting books. Look in early 2022 for his new book, The Green IT Guide, a new Windows 11 Troubleshooting course for Pluralsight and his new book Windows 11 Troubleshooting from Apress. You can find Mike Halsey on and Pluralsight by clicking the icons below.