Check if your iPhone is Secure and Supported with Updates

The world of smartphones running Google’s Android is a very fractured overall eco-system.  Some manufacturers support handsets with updates for many years, while others can seemingly drop all support after just one.  Fortunately though, if you use an iPhone from Apple the situation is much clearer.

This is helped by the fact that iPhones are only produced by a single company, so there’s no confusion as there is with an Android smartphone if the company that produced your handset is good or bad at providing support.

Apple have also realised that sustainability is a good thing, and for as much as they’d like you to buy a new iPhone every year or two, they know people can hang on to perfectly usable handsets for much longer than that.

Apple doesn’t publish much lifecycle information on their own website but that information is still available.  Head over to this LINK to check if your handset is still being supported by security and stability updates.

These are obviously very important, given that we’re regularly performing actions including banking and shopping on our smartphones.  Having the peace of mind that knows malware can’t sneak through the app store, which has been known to happen, can help you get many years peaceful use from your phone.