The Green IT Guide

Become part of the solution to climate change and learn how you can reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of your IT systems. Learn how to ensure new equipment is as power efficient, sustainable, and repairable as possible. Uncover the sustainability policies of your cloud and IT service providers so you can make thoughtful, cost-sensitive, and environmentally sound decisions when purchasing cloud-based SaaS and other services. Also learn to reduce e-waste in a way that inspires your employees, your stakeholders, and your customers.

This book looks at our understanding of climate change and the impact that IT systems have through their constant demand for electrical power from increasingly over-stressed electrical grids and ever-rising energy costs. You will learn what you can do in your own business or organization to lower the electrical and carbon footprints of your IT systems. You will learn to discover the environmental policies of your cloud providers so you can make cloud-based computing choices with reduced carbon footprints in mind.

Author Mike Halsey provides guidance for desktops, with a discussion of settings and practices that can reduce power usage of Windows systems, including home workers using their own equipment, and covering smartphones and tablets with all operating system types. The book will help you examine the broader world and how IT companies and business leaders are pressing ahead toward ambitious climate goals, and you will look at new technologies you can expect to see developed in support of those goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Manage the power requirements of your existing IT equipment and systems more efficiently
  • Ensure high levels of power efficiency of any new IT equipment that you purchase
  • Know where to look for the sustainability policies of cloud and IT service
  • Ask the right questions of suppliers and stakeholders
  • Inspire employees and stakeholders to want to do more to reduce their own carbon footprint
  • Work within charitable, business, and governmental structures to reduce e-waste and help communities

Who This Book Is For

For business leaders and system administrators who have been tasked by their company to find cost-efficient and effective ways to reduce the local, national, and global carbon-footprint of their business or organization.

For IT professionals looking to bring the company into line with existing and forthcoming national and international environmental standards and regulations. Also for individuals and power users who are keen to reduce the carbon-footprint of their own computer and IT systems.

Learn how to make your computer and smartphone use more environmentally friendly and sustainable with Mike Halsey’s book “The Green IT Guide“, now on sale from Apress, Amazon, and all good book sellers..