The Official Gemini PDA User Guide

My 18th book is the official user guide for the amazing Gemini PDA, from Planet Computers.  The Gemini PDA is the spiritual successor to the legendary Psion Series 5 PDA.  Running Android, and able to triple-boot with different Linux distros, and Sailfish OS, the Gemini is a productivity-focused device with a 5.99-inch screen and a full physical keyboard.

You can download the Gemini User Guide from the Planet Computers website, buy the user guide in paperback on Amazon, and for a limited time buy the paperback edition on Indiegogo.


  1. Charles Kremer
    September 18, 2018

    Why is the pdf in color and the book I paid for just black and white. Is there a reasonable reason for that?

    • Mike Halsey
      September 18, 2018

      It would have been prohibitively expensive printing the user guide in full colour sadly, which is why very very few computer book paperbacks are in colour.

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